“EDRA” considers volunteerism as a way of expressing yourself; providing support and expressing solidarity towards other people. The need for cultural exchange is also perceived by “EDRA” as a foundation for personal and social development. Our organisation aims tο expand a new perception for life which is relied on young adults who offer voluntary community service related to issues of social life and health.

“EDRA” acts as a sending organization for sending volunteers from Greece abroad and as hosting organization for welcoming foreign volunteers in frame of Youth in Action Programme, Action II: “European Voluntary Service”(EVS) with accreditation number: 2013-GR-8 (YiA) / 
 Project code 2014-1-EL02-KA110-001692 (Erasmus Plus). 

As hosting organization, from 2005 till now, “EDRA” has hosted around 70 young people from different countries and different sociocultural background, and at the same time “EDRA” has sent abroad more than 50 Greek volunteers.

European Voluntary Service (EVS), which is until 2013 was part of the broad Programme of E.E named “Youth in Action 2007-2013”, now is part of the new Programma Erasmus+ 2014-2022, and offers the opportunity for voluntary experience to young adults up to the age of 30- men and women- who are eager to get involved in different kinds of subsidised voluntary activities, within and beyond European Union. The programme “ EVS” will be upervised in Greece by the Youth and Lifelong LEARNING FOUNDATION (former Institute for Youth).

Within the framework of EVS, young people take part, individually or in group, in non- profit activities exploiting the opportunity to acquire skills within the area of a non -typical learning environment.
The term non -formal learning refers to learning through acting and participating in daily activities. Moreover, it has to do with voluntary work and promotes the social and personal development of the individuals who are getting involved. This development takes place outside the limits of the formal curriculum.

Taking part in European Voluntary Service gives volunteers the benefit to have:
  • Constant support throughout the programme (i.e. pre-departure training, mentoring on the job training).
  • Accommodation
  • Food
  • Transportation
  • Allowance that ranges from 60 to 150 euros per month depending on the hosting country
  • Private health security which covers any health issue.

Finally, each volunteer who takes part in any programme has the right to receive the YouthPass certificate, which describes and validates the experience of non- formal and informal learning.

If you want to become an EVS volunteer, contact us: 
Contact person: Elena Vagger
K.S.D.E.O. "EDRA" 
Eschilou 5-7, 12134 Peristeri, Athens, GREECE
Phone: (+30) 210 5913 826 / 210 5762 861
Email: edra.evs@gmail.com

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