Thursday, 30 January 2014

EVS in Spain!

We are glad to inform you that we are looking for two volunteers to join us in our next term project “Volunteering programme to support young people with intellectual disabilities and elderly people” in Madrid, from 1st of October 2014 till 30th of June 2015. We’ll be implementing the selection process next month, so we’ll be glad to receive any application (Cv and motivation letter) before the 15th of February. In case you know someone interested in our project, please, see below a brief description of the project and the activities:

The Office for Solidarity and Co-operation – UAM collaborates with people with intellectual disabilities coming from the hand of PRODIS Foundation and our Disability Area.

The activities to take place and that volunteers will participate in, are the next ones;
- Collaboration with PRODIS Foundation in activities destined to promote and to support the social and labor insertion of young people with intellectual disabilities ( Filing and Organization, New Technologies, English, Culture and Society and so on)

- Participation in daily activities carries out by the Disability Awareness Area from our office; support, accompaniment and adapted transport service for people with sensory disabilities. To benefit the social integration and the labor insertion of people with functional disabilities.

- Participation in local volunteering activities to support elderly people; free time and leisure time activities (crafts, theatre…).

- Collaboration on administrative tasks carry out in the Area of International Volunteering; filing and registration of sending and hosting EVS projects conduct by the office since its origin.

- Collaboration in the Week of Solidarity and other events. The Week of Solidarity involves a series of events (workshops, film forums, conferences, courses ...) for which help is needed with many tasks, for example, promotion, organization and advertising, among other. They will also participate in the initial trainings provided by the office to new volunteers, telling them about their project and helping us with the dissemination of the program.

Please, also note that because of our project needs and the kind of activities we carry out, it is highly recommended that the volunteers are able to communicate in Spanish.

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