Thursday, 3 March 2016

Εγκεκριμένο Πρόγραμμα Εθελοντισμού στη Κύπρο - Enviroliving

Πρόγραμμα εθελοντισμού στη Κύπρο για Έλληνες εθελοντές
τίτλος: Enviroliving
διάρκεια: 6  μήνες
έναρξη : 2 periods for 6 months each:
a) 1.4.2016 ,
b) 1.10.2016
Οργανισμός υποδοχής: One Terrene International - OTI


With all the problems that young people are facing today the environment
seems to be the last factor to concern them. Yes they are aware that there is
a problem but how severe is the problem? Our project will look at ways that
we can make small changes in our lives that will benefit the environment and
ourselves at the same time. Our project will look at various ways that we can
make changes in our daily routines and habits to have a more positive impact
on the environment and at the same time give us some reward. These
rewards could be financial in some ways and can also be person. We will
look at the situation of each of the young groups and find ways that they can
find ways to impact their environment in a better way.
Our youth hear about environmental problems but very little truth about the
problems is shown through education, resulting in a common knowledge that
environmental problems exist but why they exist or how we can make the
change is unknown. This project will help educate the youth on the reality of
the problems giving them the opportunity to look at the problems directly and
to understand why change is needed and that the change starts from each
one of us.


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