Monday, 9 May 2016

Η Χριστίνα μας γράφει για το πρόγραμμα EVS από τη Κύπρο !

Dear Followers,

My name is Christina Zeri and i am doing my EVS in Nicosia, Cyprus, hosted by the organization  OTI  in the EVS PROJECT “YOUTH DEVELOPED EDUCATION”.

I am already in the middle of my project. As member of the group of volunteers, our main task is to organize events aimed to inform young people on issues that concern them. Due to my profession, as a physiotherapist, I manage events relating to people with disabilities. 

 At the organization the other volunteers have to do Greek  lessons and I am the teacher!

 Also I am helping voluntarily with the Wheelchair Basketball team of Nicosia with the name “Nicosia Team Rollers”; 
I help the team in their various activities and I organize events to promote the sport. 

I participated as a speaker at the conference held by Cyprus Paraplegic Association relating to the value of team sports for the disabled.
As volunteer I took part at the Special Olympics Games of Cyprus, one gorgeous experience for me.

I had the opportunity to participate in a training organized by the host organization entitled “Democracy in Crisis”, as assistant. 

At the on arrival training we celebrated  the 20 years of the EVS on the streets of Nicosia holding balloons and designing with our bodies the initials of EVS.




 Soon the team of volunteers we will begin our work the on line newspaper, the on line radio station and the cafeteria of the Youth Center of the organization.

I would like to thank  my sending organization EDRA ( for the help during all this period.
For me this experience of  EVS is excellent so far because through this project I am developping at personal and professional level, as well as I have the opportunity to develop skills that i did not know that I have in general! 
Thank you!!!!

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