Monday, 16 September 2013

EVS experience in Romania!

Anastasia writes about her EVS experience in Millenium Center Association, Romania. She participated in a project titled "Smile in Action".

Romania is a wonderful country and I would be crazy if I wasn't interested to live there for 5 months, working as a volunteer with children from ethnic minorities and a researcher. My project, on how to deliver non-formal educational trainings to children and on researching about the rights of kids across Europe, gave me the chance to improve my professional skills and to go on further to my social interaction qualifications. I now know how it is to make kids smile, their parents to trust and be proud of them, and the educators relieve from the sense of having to do too many things, thus putting aside for a while the laughter of kids. 

What I enjoy is the multicultural and intercultural aspect of my whole stage, as I live together with people from different parts of Europe; I made real friends and I think I will be really sad when they will be away from me. I will miss "my children", too - and this is a big thing, considering that before this project I did not want to see even a painted child in front of me! And the country... All you can listen about Romania being a land of fairy tales is absolutely true; the forests, the lakes, the rivers and the castles do not let me forget that I live in a place at least with a medieval, theatrical air.


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