Friday, 13 September 2013

EVS short term project in Romania!

Hosting and coordinating organization:  Millennium Center Association Arad
Number of volunteers: 1 (Greece), 1 (Turkey), 1 (F.Y.R.O.M.)
Duration: 3 months (1st of October 2013 – 30th of  December 2013)
Profile of the volunteerAge between 18-30, English (minimum – conversational level), willingness to participate in a dynamic intercultural exchange with youngsters from several countries: F.Y.R.O.M., Turkey, Romania and Greece.
What we offer:
· Trainings, workshops for personal and professional development;
· Foreign language classes: Romanian;
· Pocket money;
· Meals and accommodation (meals allowances: 100 EUR/month);
· Local transport (bikes/public transport);
· International transport covered up to 90%;
· A mentor and a facilitator helping the volunteer with the accomplishment of his/her project-related activities, ensuring his/her integration in the local community and accompanying him/her in different social activities;
·  Medical insurance & Visa support
·  Recognition of the participation (delivery of the YouthPass certificate at the end of the programme).
The major objectives of this project are:
· create at least 10 episodes of videoblog uploaded on youtube with the help of coordinating team and under supervision of local facilitator;
· create a platform of exchanging opinions regarding topics which the videoblog touches;
· gain or improve IT skills sufficient enough to create, moderate and update relevant for project websites and accounts;
· promote non-violent communication in digital area of communication;
· promote fighting against racism, xenophobia;
· promote non-formal way of education.
Application: CV (Europass) + Motivation Letter to the following email address:

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