Saturday, 28 September 2013

EVS project in Romania!

Support 4 Youth Development, from Cluj-Napoca, Romania, is an NGO that aims to support youngsters from the local community in terms of gaining the access  to alternative ways of education, information, resources and opportunities. 
We are applying on the 1st of October with an EVS project and we are searching volunteers and partners

Because we believe in intercultural growth we are applying for an EVS project that will last between 8 months (1st of February 2014–30th of September 2014). We are looking for 6 volunteers that will be involved in creating and implementing activities in Cluj-Napoca for youth development. Please see attachment for a full description of the project and planned activities. 

How to apply?

If you are a VOLUNTEER that wants to join this experience send to
CV (Europass format) + Motivation letter (motivation for joining EVS + an idea for an activity that you will want to develop/implement during your EVS Stage)

If you are a SENDING ORGANISATION send to
- Completed Partner Identification papers (see attachment; including IE number) + motivation for joining this project.

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